Create a digital affiliate income , even if you’re a complete newbie to the online world, & especially if you don’t have a product of your own!

I’m ready to stop renting out my time

Before we dive into our spiel, we need to show you something…

Did you 
catch that?

They started making AUTOMATED affiliate sales in as little as 2 weeks, even as complete digital newbies and technophobes (their words ;) AND without having to create their own products/services first! 


Open your inbox to emails telling you you’ve made sales, while you’re in the school pick up line or driving your 4WD through a creek to get to the next epic camp spot or while you’re doing the grocery shopping on a Monday morning?

Create a framework that you can sell *anything* from as an affiliate marketer & be slowly but surely separating your time from your income - because you're so not available to be renting out your time for the rest of your life.

Have ALL the time to travel where you want, when you want (even on a full-time basis!), or to pack the kids a healthy lunch, send them off to school & then spend the day having some ‘you’ time, or to read a book in the bath or spend the day (or two days!) binging Netflix BECAUSE YOU CAN, while your business runs by itself in the background?


Imagine how amazing it would feel to:

We’re kind of obsessed with #freedom! You might already know us from our vanlife travels around Australia, although our current adventure has seen us swap the van for an epic off-road caravan (now we can get to allll the cool spots, camping on the beach #yesplease!).

What do we do that allows us to have complete freedom in our lives (and gives us the credibility to teach this to others)? We’re affiliate marketers!

We built a six figure affiliate business in 12 months, while we travelled Australia. Now, several years on we’re often earning more in a month than we used to make in a year in our previous full-time jobs (Kev was a plumber/FIFO mining & I was a naturopath).

Hey there,

We’re Jade & Kev 

Meet your teachers!

the Aussie couple behind Freedom Affiliate.

What we’re super passionate about, is teaching you how to build a full-time digital income that gives you back your time, using the affiliate model. We don’t believe that not having a product or service of your own should stop you from having this life! (It hasn’t stopped us, or our students!)

We created Freedom Affiliate to simplify the process of ‘going digital’, so that you can get up and running quickly & create your dream digital income (even if you’ve never done anything like this before!).

We used to be in the same boat you’re in now…

We had nothing to sell, and zero digital skills. All we had was a dream to live differently…

We took a HUGE scary AF leap, took out a business loan (*note, this is not required to start an affiliate business, it's just what WE did) and used that to start building an affiliate business.

In just over a year, we were doing 5 figure months and had collectively turned over 6 figures (while travelling Australia!)

(Screenshot shows earnings in USD within the affiliate platform we were members of at the time)


An online program that will change your relationship with money forever...Not only will our Launch training teach you how to build a new income channel through affiliate marketing, it will also EMPOWER you to rewire, reimagine & radically expand your experience with money.

But will this work for me?

Mums who work full-time
Mums who look after the kids full-time
Mums & Dads building a business together
Dads who work full-time
Tradies who’re working towards getting off the tools and recovering from years of long hours and bloody hard work
Miners working towards ditching night shift for good
Corporate workers creating a life that doesn’t involve a cubicle
Couples who want to travel full-time
Singles who want to travel full-time
Couples & singles who want to slow down and start actually living
Over 50’s who thought they weren’t ‘tech savvy’ enough to earn online
Aussies, Kiwi’s, Americans, Europeans
If you’re a freedom seeker, who wants to go digital and design your own days (without continuing to rent out your time), this can absolutely work for you.

Our Students include…

Ready to stop building someone else's dream & finally start building you own


If they can, you can…

My first sale made me jump through the roof, haha! It felt so unreal! But all of a sudden I realised how powerful the online space is and that when you have yourself and your offer out there, making sales is not magic. It absolutely fired me up to continue and keep growing. Freedom Affiliate really teaches you what you need to know in short “digestible” bits. It reduces overwhelm, makes this so achievable, and because of that really helps you to move forward, get yourself out there, and make it happen. I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in build a digital income. These guys are the best!”

Agnes - Netherlands

“I'm super stoked to have made my first sale this week. Pumped & excited about what's to come. Thanks for making such an awesome program & helping me change some my own limiting beliefs. Appreciate all that you do.”

LISA - travelling Australia

“When I started the training with Freedom Affiliate I was but a shell of the person I have grown into now. This education has enriched so many aspects of my life! I’m a business owner, I’m a better mother, a better human being & I’m only 4 months into it! No matter how successful my business becomes, I will always remain a Freedom Affiliate! These are my peeps 🤣 & I’m so proud to be part of this community!”

Vali - QLD Australia

“After using some other training I’d found online and getting completely stuck with it, I had my first sale within 2 days of launching my business using the Freedom Affiliate platform! I’m now clear on how to actually run a digital business and what the figures are telling me. I’m confident about the online business area now and I am actively looking at how to diversify into other niches that I am interested in”

Janette - Tasmania

"We learned 100 times more in ONE MONTH about how to build a real business in than we did in the previous 3 years in other business training - Jade & Kev's training was the turning point for us. We built our business in 6 weeks, 2 weeks after launching had our first sale. Since then we have continued to grow and have consistent results every month. We're so grateful to this training & community and can't recommend it enough!”


“We started the course pretty confused and lost, with no experience in running an online business together. We jumped on board and immediately made progress, it felt like overnight we had so many lightbulb moments. Everything started making sense and we felt so at ease! The training’s clear cut so there’s no irrelevant fluff (which is what lead to the information overwhelm we experienced before starting this training). When we made our first sale it felt surreal; we’d had a relaxing beach day on a Monday in the Whitsundays then saw we’d made a sale while doing so, and it felt genuinely life-changing to be able to earn in a way that feels that freeing! We're now making consistent sales as affiliates & it wouldn’t be possible without the training so we’re very grateful.”

Kia & Reece - QLD


The Breakdown

The 7 Step Affiliate Framework

(Each module contains video lessons, written lesson summaries, extra resources & downloadable files such as cheat sheets, templates & workbooks to help you ‘move the needle forward’ & tick off each action item)

7 Step Affiliate Framework

(VALUED AT $999)

Throughout these 7 training modules, we’ll be building your ‘Time Freedom Framework’. This is the base you’ll need to be able to build your personal brand, and make money while you’re out and about doing your thang.

Here’s what you’ll be working through:


Freedom Affiliate Foundation

We’ll give you an understanding of the core elements that make up an effective lifestyle business, so that you’re crystal clear on how simple it can be to set up.



Getting Started

Aligning With Affiliate Products

This is where you'll learn more about how WE do thing as affiliate coaches. You'll do a deep dive into the dos and don'ts with affiliate marketing, you'll gain an understanding of our Partner Program & how to earn with us & you'll have the option to jump on a coaching call with Jade!

Once you know you've uncovered your niche, it's time to find the products you'll sell as an affiliate. We'll walk you through how simple it can be to find products in your niche & you'll have the opportunity to earn with us straight away as a Freedom Affiliate Launch Partner.


Build Your Website

You’ll learn how to build a stunning website in 6 steps, so that you’ll have a foundation to build your business from.


Your biggest digital asset - your email list

We’ll teach you how to set up an email list so that you can start to build the most important asset of your online business & generate sales through email automation.


The heart of time freedom - your funnel

You’ll learn how to create the 2 essential elements of your sales funnel; your landing page, and thank you page so that you can start collecting email subscribers (aka potential customers, WITHOUT ever having to be present!)


Let’s get you on the gram!

This module really speaks for itself! You’ll learn the ins and outs of Instagram, how to write a killer bio, how to post and what to post so that your IG presence will lead to sales!

The Freedom 
Partner Program


You'll be invited to join us inside our Partner Program as a Launch Level Partner (*this is an additional monthly cost), which means you can earn commissions with us as an affiliate straight away my friend. Throughout module 5 we'll get you set up inside our industry leading affiliate portal so that you can plug into our in-demand digital product suite & start earning!


BONUS #1 (Value = $197)

The Energy Of Deciding What You Get To Have Video Training with Jade

The energy you take into your new business is critical. Human beings are magnetic, our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world - so it's vital that we make that a beautiful, vibey, powerful space. In this video we'll cover how to 'decide' what you get to have and how life get's to go for you (as opposed to just setting a goal, or wishing), so that you can manifest the life of your dreams.

BONUS #2 (Value = $997)

Technical Support

It can be daunting to build all the digital things when you've never done it before - we've got your back. You'll have access to our internal technical support team, Monday-Friday.

BONUS #3 (Value = $997)

Private Invitation to our Facebook Community

Believe us when we say, community is everything when it comes to online success. You’ll need a group of like-minded souls, ready to transform their lives. This is where you’ll go for extra support from our community manager, and the entire community.

BONUS #4 (Value = $997)

FAST ACTION BONUS 2! (Value = $297)

FAST ACTION BONUS 1! (Value = $688)

Access to Future Updates

The Instagram Formula Mini Course

'Identify & Heal Your Money Story' Video & Journalling Training With Jade

Technology is constantly evolving, which means our training is too! Your membership with us grants you access to all future updates.

We all have an internal money narrative & if your current money reality doesn't look or feel the way you want it to, it's likely not a positive one. In this video (and the journalling homework included) you'll be digging deep, unlayering and surfacing your money wounds, stories, and conditioning. You'll be letting it all go, releasing & forgiving. You'll be laying the foundation for a new story, a story that will support you to create a magical, co-creative relationship with money. A story that sees you showing up as the worthy human that you are, living in harmony with money.

A mini course taught by myself and Kev on the 'Instagram Formula' we've used to build a highly engaged audience who find it easy to buy from us (very specifically what we did as full-time affiliate marketers!). If you're worried that you can earn online as you don't currently have an audience, you need this!

Hell yes! Let’s do it!

Ready to lay the foundation for a wildly free & abundant life?

All the thing's you'll be getting

Here’s the breakdown:

Instant access to the Freedom Affiliate Launch training
(Value $999)

Invitation To Join The Freedom Partner Program (Launch Partner Level, *this is an additional monthly cost)


Energy Of Deciding You Get To Have What You Want Video Training
(Value $197)


Technical Support
(Value $997)


Private Facebook Community Support (Value $997)




Access To Future Updates
(Value $997)

The Instagram Formula Mini Course
(Value $688)

Identify & Heal Your Money Story Video & Journalling Training
(Value $297)


enrol now & save $400!

Let's Build Your Affiliate Business

Lifetime access to the Freedom Affiliate Launch training package (7 modules to build your time freedom framework & start earning!)

Lifetime access to all 5 x bonuses (including our private Facebook Community!)

Lifetime access to 2 x fast action *exclusive masterclass bonuses* (combined value $1000, if you've watched the class!).

Invitation to join us inside the Freedom Partner Program & start earning as an affiliate! (*The Freedom Partner Program is an additional monthly cost).

$97 USD

$497 USD

We're not just any old 'Joe Blows' teaching you how to make money online...

Here’s why we’re 
different to the rest:

We don’t waste time on unnecessary training, we give you only what you need to know, when you need to know it. This means you’ll never experience ‘education overwhelm’ on our watch, and you’ll always be crystal clear on how to move forward.

“I've done quite a few online trainings and various things which have been fine but none of it has gotten into my blood stream and altered me at such a deep level as what you manage to do. So from the bottom of my heart THANKYOU ♥️💜💛" Sari 


We don't do 'Fluff

We have a wholistic mind, body & soul approach to business

“After I found Freedom Affiliate everything changed. I now feel so motivated and passionate, I know what to do and I’m confident I can achieve my dream of freedom! I totally recommend this program as it offers everything you’ll need to start an online business, the business model is great, the product is awesome (it’s a step by step tutorial, easy to follow for everyone!) and the mentors and the community are priceless!”

We keep things 100% transparent. Kev and I have always been an open book when it comes to business & what this takes. If you have questions, we'll have an open and honest conversation with you - we don't tell you what you *want* to hear, we tell you what you need to hear.

Community means more than you think

We value honesty and transparency

Sarah - germany

This is NOT JUST a course, we also offer an income stream through our affiliate program. Not only do we teach you how to build your business, we also provide you with something to sell!

“Your training has impacted my life in such a positive way (not just talking about sales either - your mindset & energetics work, it's powerful). I'm not exaggerating when I say that for 6 years I've been trying to find a way to create this, I just didn't have the knowledge or support to get me on the right path. My eyes have been opened up to an entirely new world that I didn't really know existed before. I had some big misconceptions & misunderstandings about the digital business world, until I found you guys. You and Kev are simply the BEST, thank you so much”

SAM - Australia

We're a complete package

We get you results

Freedom Affiliate is a complete package that empowers you learn how to really do this online business thing, and start claiming back your time.

EVEN IF you’ve never really done anything online before

EVEN IF you’re afraid to be ‘seen’ online

EVEN IF you think you’re not ‘tech savvy’ enough

EVEN IF you’ve tried other things online that haven’t worked out

EVEN IF your social media is a bit of a ghost town


We’ve Got Answers:

I don’t like the idea of being ‘seen’ on the internet. Will this work for me?

We totally get it. It’s confronting to show up and be seen online. But let us ask you this: would you do it if it meant you could live your life 100% on your terms? Would you do it, if it meant you could work towards replacing your current income while only working a few hours a week? This business model doesn’t require you becoming a slave to social media, but it does require that you learn to build genuine connections with your niche through your marketing - and to do that, you’ll need to get comfortable being on camera. We can tell you from experience, it does get easier!

What will I be selling as an affiliate?

You're going to be taught how to find affiliate products in your niche to sell AND you'll be given instant access to the Freedom Partner Program (which is our internal affiliate program for our suite of digital courses). It's really the best of both worlds - you can take your time sourcing products in your niche, or you can set up quickly and earn commissions with us as an affiliate - the world is your oyster!

I’m not tech savvy, can I really do this?

You DO NOT need to be tech savvy to build an online lifestyle business. Believe it or not, we weren’t when we got started! We’re here to teach you how to take advantage of the best bits of the internet, and to walk you through each step. Don’t let this hold you back, we’ve seen all walks of life succeed in this arena - from 30-somethings like us, to 60 year old farmers who’ve barely touched a computer! The only thing that sets the successful apart is their belief that THEY CAN. Remember ‘you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great’.

Do you offer refunds?

We're 100% committed to seeing our students and affiliates succeed. We don't take your decision to train with us lightly and this platform is literally the result of us filling the gaps in this space, to drastically increase the success rate. Having said that, your success ultimately comes down to you. We can't do the work for you and we can't force you to transition into the headspace required for a successful thriving business. No results are guaranteed BUT we are here to give you everything you need to build the life of your dreams. This package has the potential to change your life on SO many levels (ask our students!), if you let it. Please take the time to make an informed, responsible decision as we don't offer refunds for any reason (in saying that - you CAN cancel your membership with us at any point in time (please note that we won't refund membership payments that have already been processed).

Should I wait until I know what I want to sell as an affiliate to start with you?

No. We'll teach you how to identify your niche, and how to find affiliate programs & products to sell. You'll also have instant access to our Freedom Partner Program (which means you could quite literally be earning commissions with us tomorrow, so don't wait!)

How do I access the course materials & can I do this at my own pace?

All the course materials are available through our student portal. This is a highly structured, organised space that you’ll learn to love as you make your way through the course. This is self-paced learning, no-one’s going to be breathing down your neck BUT you’ll need to keep yourself motivated to move forwards.

I’m already promoting another affiliate offer, can I do this as well?

Absolutely! If you're already promoting another affiliate offer, this training could really accelerate your results! You can also on-sell our programs as a partner with us, giving you an additional income stream.

You guys seems awesome, but why should I trust you?

We’re real, down to earth Aussies who are passionate about teaching others how to really do this online business thing. We built our first 6 figure business in just over a year (while we road tripping around Australia!) so we know how amazing life can be when you change how you earn. We genuinely want to see as many people as possible experience this shift. If we can, you can (and we’re here to make sure you do!)

What kind of support will I get?

You'll have technical from the Freedom Affiliate team (we have a special support form located inside your training dashboard, and we pride ourselves on coming back to you ASAP), as well as access to our private Facebook community (an epic place to be, you'll find out why 😉)! We want you to succeed, we've got your back!

How long until I start making money?

That's dependent on you & your grit and determination. Everyone is different, and everyone learns and implements differently. No results are guaranteed & if you're here for a 'get rich quick opportunity' this is NOT for you.

What is affiliate marketing? Is it spammy?

You know when you tell your friends and family about a product you love (e.g. a hair dryer), and then they go out and buy it & you think to yourself 'damn, I should have got a commission on that sale!'? That's affiliate marketing, minus the affiliate part. It's essentially 'word of mouth' marketing, sharing products you love (with people who are actually interested) & you receive a once off commission on any sale you make. 

Are there any additional costs to be aware of with setting up my affiliate business?

It's our intention to keep your set-up costs as low as we possibly can, however starting any business does require continual investment and will have running costs (the beauty of a digital business is that you can see an amazing return on that investment, that gives you the gift of time freedom!).

It can be scary to take on extra expenses as you start to make the shift to an 'investor mindset', but the best way to make it less scary is to think of your business as a vegetable garden. A vegetable garden doesn't just instantly start giving you veges, you have to nourish it, fertilise it, water it (aka, invest in it), before it will nourish you!

Ask yourself this question 'If my business gave me total time freedom & an income while I sleep or shop at woolies, wouldn't it be worth the investment?'

Essential business running expenses include:

Website set up (domain, hosting, email & website builder), approx $15 per month.

You'll also be given the opportunity to enrol in our more advanced training packages once you become a member of our community. These are of course not essential - any next steps are totally up to you and we'll support you to make the right decision for you.

The Freedom Partner Program - $97 per month, cancel anytime (this monthly membership gives you access to our suite of in-demand digital education products to sell as an affiliate, it can give you an income stream for life!)'. You'll receive an invitation to join our Partner Program once inside the Freedom Affiliate program, you can sign up any time, and cancel anytime.

5 Reasons Freedom Affiliate Launch is PERFECT for you:

You want to learn to embrace this digital age so that you can start to claim back your time (which means creating space in your life for the things that really matter, like family, travel, relationships, giving back).

You want a step-by-step, crystal clear structure to follow so you’re never left ‘guessing’ what your next steps should be (which means instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll feel confident and supported)

You want an online business, but don’t have a product to sell and you’re prepared to embrace the affiliate model so you can start now without spending years trying to develop your own product.

You want to build a real income, quickly and work towards  giving your day job the flick!

You want to be empowered with digital skills, so you can go on to create whatever your heart desires which means you’ll quite literally free yourself, forever.



enrol now & save $400!

Let's Build Your Affiliate Business

Lifetime access to the Freedom Affiliate Launch training package (7 modules to build your time freedom framework & start earning!)

Lifetime access to all 5 x bonuses (including our private Facebook Community!)

Lifetime access to 2 x fast action *exclusive masterclass bonuses* (combined value $1000, if you've watched the class!).

Invitation to join us inside the Freedom Partner Program & start earning as an affiliate! (*The Freedom Partner Program is an additional monthly cost).

$97 USD

$497 USD