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We consider our courses to be containers for empowerment, growth & radical change. You’ll feel the love and intention we’ve poured into these spaces as soon as you log-in.

What you will find is a thriving community of powerful humans making it happen & all the steps, wisdom and guidance you could ever need to kickstart your journey into this new world.

Always remember - results don’t come from a course, they come from you. You are capable, powerful & worthy AF of the life you’re dreaming of.

Having said this, our courses demand that you step into your power & take radical responsibility for the change you're looking for - you're the only one who can do this.  

We don’t do ‘hand-holding’ & we don’t offer one-on-one coaching, so if you’re looking for over the shoulder support please know that you won’t find that here.

TAAM is brand new to our suite & is set to change the entire affiliate marketing landscape:

Affiliate marketing has become a 'brand’ centred around ‘how much money can you make, in the shortest possible timeframe, with the least amount of effort’. New faces coming into the space then get swept up in this ‘hot air’ content & walk into this expecting the same ‘hot air results’ & that they should also follow the same ‘I made 10k in my first 1-3 months, here’s my link’ template. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves most people either a) completely grossed out by the affiliate space or b) deflated as f*ck when they don’t hit the magical 10k in a month. It’s time to break that cycle. Be apart of the new wave of affiliates who are NOT apart of the ‘ick’. Affiliate’s who’re building brands with emotional substance, depth & passion. Affiliates who’re building brands with the kind of staying power that will outlive them. Affiliates who’re building TRUE, layered wealth that continues to grow & evolve with them.

our money mindset course

The Magnetic Money Flow Challenge ~ the most recent addition to our suite. This course is for those who’re ready to reset, redefine & radically expand their relationship with money. This is a 4 module, self-paced program that is 100% mindset based content. You'll have access to all of the video content straight away (plus journaling prompts, visualisations etc) so that you can #binge it all, or take your time absorbing all the goodness.

The courses we are most known for. Starting with the ‘Freedom Affiliate Launch’ course, this is for those wanting to dive into the world of digital marketing. Website building, sales funnels, email marketing, automation & social media are just the *beginning* of what you’ll learn here. Yes, these courses are called ‘Freedom Affiliate’ as they were intentionally created for those wanting to get into the affiliate space. However - anyone can join an affiliate program and get access to some affiliate links. What you’ll actually need to know to make a consistent income as an affiliate, is what’s taught inside these courses. 


we’d suggest you complete step one first!

We give a full breakdown of the Freedom Affiliate Launch course towards the end of this class + extra bonuses!






Freedom Affiliate FAQ’s:

What other courses are available in the Freedom Affiliate suite?

What other courses are available in the Freedom Affiliate suite?

Several intensive, more advanced programs are available in this suite - one of them is a group coaching space. They are totally optional, very popular and only become available once inside Freedom Affiliate Launch. Freedom Affiliate Launch is the base that everyone starts with and the most popular sought after course we have. We have many students who’ve only taken *this* course, and are doing VERY well as affiliates.

Will you connect me to affiliate products? What will I be selling?

Will you connect me to affiliate products? What will I be selling?

We are an online course company - that ALSO offers an affiliate program (which means our students have the option to partner with us & on-sell our courses). We do NOT connect you to any external affiliate programs, we provide training on how to find them yourself. We are NOT connected to Enagic (water filters, if you know you know), Legendary Marketer, The Super Affiliate Network or anything else you’ve seen online.

"None of the courses I've done online have gotten into my bloodstream & altered me at such a deep level as what you've managed to do... "

“I'm fairly sure you guys already know that you do some pretty bloody awesome work BUT what I'm finding from being involved in your courses and following your socials is that your vibe and energy, just jump out of my screens and slap me in the face (in the best possible way). I've done quite a few online trainings and various things which have been fine but none of it has gotten into my bloodstream and altered me at such a deep level is what you managed to do. So from the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU "

Sari, south australia

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While we fumbled through our early years together - Kev as an apprentice plumber, me at uni studying to be a naturopath - I truly believe our worlds were always meant to collide.

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Kev & I met as baby-faced 21 year olds. 

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