Are you ready to reset, redefine & radically expand your relationship with money?

radically expand

It's time to heal your money story & become the most magnetic version of you.

Magnetic Money Flow


There was a time when I ticked literally every single one of these boxes, and then some

Until, one day ~ I made a decision to tick new boxes. Wealthy, supported, generous, confident, fully expressed, taking up space & living in harmony with money.

Have you ever felt like it's not ok to want more money, more joy, more passion, more fulfilment, more *fire*?

Do you feel that money is 'scary, hard, frustrating, elusive & stressful'?

Do you feel that financial overflow is reserved for the 'elite' or 'celebrities' or 'people who are born into it' or someone who's just not you?

ask yourself these questions:







Do you find that money is always 'slipping through your fingers' or that if you ever do have extra money suddenly something breaks down, or there's an emergency that sucks it up?

What about how you currently earn...does it fill your cup, or drain it? Are you capped? Or is there room for exponential growth?

And finally, what about how you show up in the world? Are you fully expressing who you are and what you want? Or do you find yourself hiding, shrinking & staying small?

Let me introduce myself

I’ve spent a big chunk of my life being a people pleaser. Showing up as different versions of me based on who I’m surrounded by.

Making huge parts of who I am ‘small’ depending on the setting.

Shrinking. Not allowing myself to be seen as the whole & complete me.

Because I  told myself a story for way too long that I wouldn't  be accepted if I did.

One day I decided that I was done with that story. Unavailable for it anymore.

I was done with showing up for anyone other than myself.

I chose to accept myself, as I was the only one who ever truly needed to.

So who am I?

I'm Jade, that guy in the photos is Kev & together we run a thriving, global online course company.

i'm a self made millionaire who loves to talk allll things money.

I’m a creator. I live to create life changing containers & vehicles that help people step into their power & have an expansive relationship with money.

I’m an entrepreneur & businesswoman who started from scratch/zero/zilch in the online space a few years ago as a full time affiliate marketer. My partner Kev and I now own and run a *thriving* online course company.

I’m a leader. I run several online communities & support a team of affiliates. I hold the vision & make it happen.

I’m an energetics queen. I’ve slowly but surely turned myself into a money magnet by deciding that what’s possible for me is anything I f*ing want & goes well beyond paying my bills and putting food on the table.

I’m a soul-mate, a business partner, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a #furmum, a granddaughter, a mentor, and a teacher. I fiercely love those who’re in my orbit.

I’m perfectly imperfect & always willing to see things differently.

I'm here to make a BIG f*ing difference.

I'm here to support you to heal your relationship with money & to tap into the worthy, powerful human you are so that you can live in a state of effortless overflow.

Visualise've completely shed your old money stories, narratives and shitty beliefs & you now live in a state of overflow. Money feels supportive, constant & you know that it's easy to make. Every cent you spend feels good, there's always more on the way & you can no longer even imagine a reality where there's not enough.

You've raised your vibration, permanently. You don't just 'wish' for what you want, you *decide* you're going to have it, you *decide* it's already yours. You exude a powerful energy of expectation, you now expect life to get better and better - it's up and up only.

You show up in the world as the most fully expressed version of you. Whether it's on social media, in your affiliate business, your coaching business, your career, your relationships ~ you're not afraid to shine your light anymore. You've worked through #impostersyndrome & you know that you are enough, you are valued, you are needed. You are worthy of being paid to be you!

Let's visualise and feel into just how good                         

Life can get


Designed to help you rewire, reset, redefine and radically expand your experience with money, The Magnetic Money Flow Challenge is a 4 module, self-paced program. You'll have access to all of the video content straight away (plus journaling prompts, visualisations etc) so that you can #binge it all, or take your time absorbing all the goodness.


Let me share what makes this experience unique...

it's not business training



The concepts and transformation I'm teaching in this program is exactly what I've been through myself.  It's why I live the life I live. Strategy and creating new income channels is one thing and anyone can do this, but to attract money into those channels takes unwavering belief. It takes *deciding* on a new way of being, expecting life to unfold a certain way & raising your vibration so that you become a magnet. 

I don't just teach this work, I do it myself daily. I'm learning with you, I may just be a little further ahead.  I journal, meditate, talk to myself as though the life I want is already happening *most days (ok so I do skip days sometimes, and I only do what I feel like doing, I don't necessarily do all of those things everyday - because I make the rules, and so will you!).  I shift my energetic state every time a fear or an old story surfaces, I deal with my shit. I'm not just someone telling you what to do, I'm sharing my daily lived experience so that we can grow together.

I typically teach business strategy and how to build certain types of online income...this is NOT a business program. It's an inner work/energetics/mindset program (which is *the* most important ongoing work for any permanent income change) & it's for everyone ~ regardless of whether or not you have a business. 





This is a self-paced program which means there are no live calls you need to attend, you get access to everything straight away! After each video module you'll be given homework (journal prompts, meditations, things to implement into your day-today), so that you can dig deep, unlayer old patterns and start to script your new money experience!


Become an open channel for more:

How to let money in & become an open channel for MORE! You'll be breaking down blocks (mental & physical) so that you can become open to receiving with ease. We'll be covering how to give money more ways to come to you, what blocks you might have if the money isn't flowing yet, what blocks you might have if your money flow has plateaued & how to actually break down and release your blocks once and for all! This module also includes a really powerful visualisation exercise so that you can take all that you've learned to the next level.  

How to share from the soul as you overcome #impostersyndrome & the fear of being seen. Your story matters & it's time to get paid for being you. In this module you're going to uncover what's *really* holding you back, the real fears that are stopping you from showing up as your most vibrantly authentic self. You're then going to dissolve them as you prepare to see the world through a brand new lens, the lens of a confident, worthy AF human being!

How to play the money game ;) This week you'll be redefining your relationship with money - how to think about it, feel about it and behave with it if you want to live in a state of overflow. We'll kick things off with a #realitycheck. It's time to stop living in avoidance and start owning where you currently are with money. From here, we can build the energetic foundations needed to support overflow. You're going to (maybe for the first time EVER) feel into 'more than enough', 'more than you know what to do with'. You'll be digging deep to uncover and dissolve any bullsh*t beliefs that don't support this new chosen reality as you move towards the life and experience you truly desire.

Your business or career is a service to the world & you are worthy of being paid *well* for it. This week, you'll walk away with a new appreciation for your time & just how valuable it truly is. You're going to become deeply connected to your work & you're going to step into the confident expectation that you will be massively compensated for it.  *Everything* you do has value, everything you have to give is valuable. It's time you start to actually see this, believe this, connect to this. Want to get paid for breathing? This is the energy you'll be soaked in as you explore this module.




Share From The Soul & Overcome Imposter Syndrome

How To Play The Money Game

Your Work Is Of High Service, Get Paid For Being You ✨


Journal Prompts, Visualisations & Homework

You'll be prompted to unlayer, unravel and release old stories that aren't serving you & given the tools you'll need to permanently change your money experience.

Upon signing up, you'll be given instant lifetime access to the Magnetic Money Flow Challenge, you can revisit this space anytime you need to, forever.


Lifetime Access To Video Modules & Homework

Magnetic Money Flow


"I loved every minute of the videos, I want more! "

“In Jade's 1st video, the last question she answered was mine. I've almost felt a sense of guilt over potentially making money in a way that is actually enjoyable when I've seen soooo many family members not make much money after working very bloody hard. But I realised, before Jade said the same in her answer, that that is not my guilt to carry and that other people's financial stories do not have to dictate mine ♥️"

Sari, South Australia

"My mind is full of fireworks, anything is possible!"

“Jade I cannot express how amazing you are! I could listen to you for HOURS! So I immediately write down my intention for this challenge. I listen. I breathe. I decide this is it, I am gonna do this. I haven’t even started journaling, wanted to do that today but finally had a long chat with my hubby. And I realise… ever since I started the money mindset journey, not only the money flow has opened in unimaginable ways for me… but my life, my singing, my whole being is being effected by it!!! I see how I recognise my limiting beliefs day by day. And how free I am becoming”


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to see things differently"

"Forever grateful I started this journey! When I signed up for this I never thought this course was actually gonna improve the way I am looking at myself! I grow everyday nourishing in these aha- moments and for just being me and sharing my own story. It’s so beautiful and powerful to put myself out there in the unknown but yet so familiar online world. I wished I started this earlier✨ Enjoying this process every minute and I’m happy to be able to grow as a person when I thought I reached my limit. I guess if the human heart can grow bigger the more I love. My confidence and self awareness has grown so much. Thankful. Gonna go out there and shine"


"The inspiration Jade pumps into you is infectious and teaching you ways to process certain feelings/situations is your life is truly life changing!"

"The journalling in this program is SO powerful - I listened to Jade's video twice this week, so many things have come up. As much as I thought I didn't care what family and friends think of me and my life choices - what I was journalling was the opposite. This was great as I have now have worked out some affirmations to use which are really helping. Loving this work finally feeling a shift "


ready to become magnetic with money?

You are worthy & it's your time!

$497 USD

$197 USD



I can't promise any financial results and legally need to let you know that YOU are responsible for your own results. My part in this is to coach you by sharing my own lived experience, to be the guiding light as to what's possible for you & to provide you with the tools & container you'll need to radically shift your reality. Your part is to do the work, absorb the teachings & take radical responsibility for your beautiful life.

This program is for everyone, it's not limited by the income stream you have. No matter where your resources are coming from, we all have an unlimited reality available to us, always. You'll be welcomed with open arms, no matter what your background is.

Due to the nature of this digital package, we don't offer refunds. Please take the time to make an informed, responsible decision.

ready to become magnetic with money?

You are worthy & it's your time!

$497 USD

$197 USD


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