anti affiliate


for affiliates who want to get rich, without creating a spammy 'get rich quick' brand (especially if you're a beginner!)

This is a pre-recorded class, however our team will be available in real time to answer your questions throughout the class (unless we're sleeping!). Choose a session time, or grab the replay to watch on-demand.

Set yourself up somewhere that you won't be distracted. We'll be doing a live subconscious rewiring session on the class!





         Anti Affiliate


My approach to building affiliate brands is the polar opposite to what you've seen before...want to know more? hit play on the video!

What I'll be doing on the class: what’s currently being done in the space & how it can transform your dream of a limitless affiliate income that free’s you from *mediocre* and launches you into ‘I didn’t know life could be this good’, into your REALITY.


...most affiliates are making, that lead to ‘cringey’ content creation, brands that never gain momentum & dreams that never become reality.

...behind The Anti Affiliate Model (how to get rich as an affiliate, WITHOUT the spammy ‘get rich quick’ brand).

demonstrating how my approach is radically different...

Sharing the story of how I went from...

Teaching you the framework...

This will blow your mind, tap you into your power & creativity, & give you a clearly defined path forward to an affiliate brand with INTEGRITY, that also aligns you with more money than you know what to do with.

ready? let's go...

...being a *very* lost soul, to a multi-6-figure affiliate marketer, & then a multi-millionaire company owner while never losing sight of my integrity, or my values.

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