For affiliates who want a brand with substance, staying power                          wealth potential.


The affiliate marketing industry is on the brink of a very needed evolution.

Emotionally empty 'ick' factor brands built solely on financial results (which not only makes it difficult to start, but also leaves no room for expansion).

Affiliate brands built with 'get rich quick' energy that lack any kind of long term staying power.

Affiliate brands that aren't aligned with offers & products that provide TRUE wealth potential.

The Anti-Affiliate Model (if you haven't already assumed) is a play on words...


Drama and dialogue about the legitimacy of the affiliate marketing business model.

'Follow my affiliate marketing journey' style content. You don't want your brand to drown in a sea of others creating copy-cat content.

Being made to feel like you're 'failing' if you don't hit $10k in your first month...







a brand new mentorship container FOR all affiliates who don't want to be a part of the 'ick'.

you don't want to do it how it's been done before...

To create a brand that means something to people, a brand that your audience will become deeply invested in (emotionally & financially).

To create a brand connected to your many passions.  You want the freedom to follow the 'nudges', to have fun & let your creativity flow.

A brand that provides you with ever growing affiliate income streams, but that rarely ever mentions the words 'affiliate marketing'.

A social media presence that feels light, fun & creative.

To be here for the long-haul. You're ready to sign on to the school of 'just how f*cking good can this life get'.

To have your immediate needs met through affiliate income streams while simultaneously laying the foundation for more money than you know what to do with.

TRUE wealth that's built on something real, replicable & sustainable.

You Want:
You don't want:

A brand built on 'how much money can you make, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of effort'.

A brand that's restricted to the 'make money online' niche; it's cringe, kills your creativity, feels boring and exhausting.

To keep experiencing the intense pressure of the affiliate marketing space.  So-much-pressure-to-do-what-everyone-else-is-doing.

To get caught up in the 'get rich quick' drama that's prolific in this space. You're not here for drama!

Affiliate income streams that are attached to hot air balloon offers that don't stay afloat for long.

To put a sh*t tonne of energy into ANYTHING that's not aligned with your long term wealth potential.

More student wins


Kev and I built a multi-six figure affiliate brand from scratch (no followers!) within 1.5 years while almost NEVER mentioning the words 'affiliate marketing' or sharing financial results.

We were never a part of the 'ick' factor that's always attached to the affiliate marketing business model. We never took part in the 'cash & cars' hot air marketing.

We have a multi-million dollar per year company with an audience of only 15k on Instagram.

Those numbers right there tell a powerful story.

People buy what we share with them (without it even mattering 'what' that is), because they're invested in what we stand for, they're empowered by it.


What qualifies me to bring you into this new world?

two things you need to know:

You'll see a presale discount coupon below, which means the course is still under construction (hence the SWEET discount!). The lessons you see listed below are live and ready to go, the coming soon section outlines what's still to come.



The delivery of this content is...revolutionary.  It's not your typical online course.  It's easier to access than ever before, 10 x more impactful & 10 x more intimate.  You'll feel it as soon as you plug in ;)

The Anti Affiliate Model Way

module 1: 

The most common narratives that make the affiliate marketing landscape 'ick' are that if you don't make $10k in your first month you suck & you're not doing it right, that you HAVE to build a brand that revolves around how much money you're making & that your tagline should be 'my affiliate marketing journey'.

Good lord, how the hell did we get here? I'm now a wealthy gal and I did NOT make $10k in my first month as an affiliate.  And I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a stick than build a brand that's sole focus is sharing how much money I'm making (vom!).

That being said, just because it's been this way, it doesn't have to stay this way.  I'm here to be the light that illuminates an alternative pathway for you.

When it comes to what you currently feel & know about affiliate marketing, I want you to imagine you're a computer with a bunch of glitches or viruses.

In this module, I'm going to delete them for you so that you're free & clear to install some new, useful programming.  

Module 1 Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1:

You're not going to be a part of the 'ick'

lesson 2:

I hope you don't make $10k in your first month

lesson 3:

'Follow my affiliate marketing journey' is NOT a brand

lesson 4:

lesson 5:

lesson 6:

mindset 1:

mindset 2:

You don't want the masses, you want the 1%

You don't need a niche, you need a nudge

How to pivot your brand if you've got 'ick'

Clearing 'I'm not interesting enough to build a brand'

But I don't want to be an influencer!

This is the part where you officially start the building process of a brand with SUBSTANCE.

I see your brand dripping in the kind of depth, connection & authenticity that effortlessly draws in aligned customers who go on to become *high value customers (more on this later). 

I see your brand bringing REAL value to the lives of those that it touches, and I see it nourishing you financially for years to come.

This module will get your creative juices flowing like they've never flowed before.  NO ONE in the affiliate space is teaching content like this, which is why things are the way they are. 

This is the part where you step away from the 'ick' and connect to your essence.  By the end of this module you'll have created the #1 piece of content that's going to underpin your whole brand, you'll know how to work with the in-built tool we all have that makes ongoing authentic content creation almost too easy, you'll understand how to get the most life possible from your content & you'll have built the magnetic content bucket that's going to serve you & your audience whether your content tap is on, or off (you'll also learn about the content tap, and how to honour your 'tap off' seasons as we are NOT meant to constantly producing!).

With concepts like 'your concrete slab', your story vault, response vault & extension vault...suddenly affiliate brand creation becomes very clear, very simple & so much bloody fun!

module 2:

Substance Branding For Affiliates

Module 2 Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Pouring The Slab + Your Story Vault

lesson 2:

Filling The Content Bucket

lesson 3:

Building Chemistry With Your Nudges


integration call 1

integration call 2

Clearing 'Freeze Mode' And Stepping Into Momentum

A 1 hour live coaching call recording with Jade + early TAAM students, integrating concepts taught in this module

A 1 hour live coaching call recording with Jade + early TAAM students, integrating concepts taught in this module

I've seen many affiliate brands come and go in my time, some that never really get momentum, some that do but can't sustain it & some that blow up like a hot air balloon only to deflate just as fast.

I'm an expert in staying power.  I've built a multi-million dollar brand that constantly evolves, transforms & reinvents itself as I do & I've built and supported a community of kindred souls who're on this journey with me.

I don't want you to join the sea of affiliates who're perpetuating the 'copycat' cycle, only to *maybe* have some traction that completely fizzles out a month later.

I see you building staying power which means YOU wanting to stay the course & your audience/customers wanting to stay with you.

We have customers in our community who've been with us since our first affiliate business, they've purchased literally everything we've ever shared with them.  THAT's staying power & that's what I see you building.

In this module we're going to be doing some deep subconscious rewiring and rehearsal to support YOUR staying power (for staying the course before momentum begins in your business & for well beyond when you've created freedom) & you're going to learn the pillars of an affiliate brand with long term audience & customer staying power (die hard fans & high value customers ;)

module 3:

Staying Power For Affiliates

Module 3 Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Creating the power for YOU to stay the course (Step 1: commanding & supporting subconscious)

lesson 2:

Creating the power for YOU to stay the course (Step 2: future self cord connection)

lesson 3:

What makes THEM (your audience) want to stay and purchase from you over and over again

I know what you're thinking...

'I don't want to be wealthy, I don't need much' or 'wealth is not for someone like me' or 'the gap between me and wealth is waaaaay too big' or 'wealth, ewww that feels cringe' or 'I don't want to be judged for wanting to be wealthy'.

I was the girl who used to get defensive around the concept of wealth (enter my minimalist vanlife era here).  I didn't feel I wanted much, just enough to survive without having to sell my soul to do so.  I didn't want to be associated with 'wealth', that was not for me.

That was until I untangled the crazy conscious and subconscious wiring I had around wealth, that's intentionally cultivated by our society to STOP everyday humans from becoming wealthy.

I carefully redefined what wealth meant for me & ALLOWED myself to get comfortable with the concept of more than enough.  

In this module, I'm going to walk you through all of the above and you're going to learn the mechanics of an affiliate brand with TRUE wealth potential.  You'll be given a framework to use when selecting your affiliate partnerships (so that you're choosing for both brand/energetic alignment and wealth potential) & you'll be building out the Unique Affiliate Value asset pack that's going to infuse both staying power & wealth potential into your brand & massively increase your customer value.

We're going to cover calls to action in your branding and how to do them in a NOT cringey way, how to approach conversations in the most genuine & supportive way with potential customers & how to bridge to affiliate offers that teach people how to make money online WITHOUT being 'ick & spammy', constantly talking about how much money you're making.

You'll walk away from this module with a gigantic permission slip to allow wealth into your reality.  You'll deeply understand that it never had to be 'one or the other' (i.e freedom, or wealth).  You can have it all, it's safe to have it all, you're meant to have it all & I'll show you how.

module 4:

TRUE Wealth Potential For Affiliates

Module 4 Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Defining YOUR Version Of Wealth

lesson 2:

How To Choose Affiliate Partnerships For Wealth Potential

lesson 3 (COMING SOON):

Unique Affiliate Value Assets Part 1 (Bridging)

lesson 4 (COMING SOON):

lesson 5 (COMING SOON):

lesson 6 (coming soon):

lesson 7 (coming soon)

lesson 8 (coming soon)

Unique Affiliate Value Assets Part 2 (Amplified Affiliate Bundle)

Delivering Your Assets & Going The Extra Mile Post Sale

CTA's the TAAM Way

Releasing Attachment & Genuine Customer Conversations

How To Bridge To Money Offers Without Talking About Money



The Tech Stack

When it comes time to build the infrastructure that's going to house your brand, we've got you covered.  The tech stack covers website building, funnel building & email list set-up so that you can effortlessly deliver all the unique affiliate goodness you're going to be creating inside this course.

This powerful AF rewiring technique often leaves listeners in tears (happy tears!) as they connect to the expansive money reality that's already within them. "Literally I started feeling sparks in my hands!!"....It's a game changer, and a physical practise that you can take with you as you create new income portals that fuel your freedom.

Are other peoples opinions, criticisms, judgements or actions keeping you paralysed from making changes in your life? 'What if I fail? What if I can't make it work? What if I get laughed at, or ridiculed, or I-told-you-so'd'? What if you didn't care? What if you genuinely couldn't dredge up enough interest to give a f*ck? What if you were so unaffected by the energy of others that you felt completely free to create your BEST experience on this earth, exactly how you choose to create it?

These are not your run of the mill, 'slapped together at the last minute' workbooks.  They're an asset in and of themselves.  Intentionally placed throughout the course, you'll use these beautifully designed workbooks to build an affiliate brand with substance, staying power & TRUE wealth potential.

You'll be invited to join our private Facebook group so that you come and hang out with the new wave of affiliates.  This is where you'll be connected to 'your' people & where you'll form lifelong friendships.  Not to mention, insider access to highly successful affiliates, who've built brands the TAAM way ;)





Money Magnetiser DIY Rewiring

Becoming Unaffected: Guided Visualisation

The Workbooks

The Community



Use coupon: PRESALE at the checkout for 20% off

$997 USD

$547 USD


2 x monthly payments:

Use coupon: PRESALE at the checkout for 20% off

Ready to build a brand with substance, staying power & TRUE wealth potential?

it gets better, with commissions:

If you choose to partner with us as an affiliate (which is an additional monthly cost), you can earn a 50% commission on The Anti Affiliate Model in addition to commissions across our full suite of online courses.  Love it, be transformed by it, share it (authentically, the Anti Affiliate Model way ;), earn from it & let it love you back!


frequently asked questions

How long do I have access? +

The Anti Affiliate Model is lifetime access! This is very intentional as building a REAL business takes time. I want you to be supported by this container for years to come!

Do you offer refunds? +

We do not offer refunds, so please purchase carefully & intentionally.  

Is there coaching included? +

There's no live coaching included in this course (we'd need to charge 10x the price for this!).  Having said that, you'll find some integration style coaching call recordings with Jade & the early students of this course within Module 2, enjoy!

Do you offer an affiliate program? +

Yes we do! The Anti Affiliate Model serves & supports ALL affiliates, regardless of who you choose to partner with. We WANT you to come to us with your choice of affiliate partnerships, so that we can support you to do this the TAAM way. This isn't about you becoming an affiliate for us. That being said, if you love what we stand for, we do offer an incredible partner program (additional monthly cost). You'll find out all the details once you're on the inside.

Would this benefit me if I'm in network marketing? +

Yes, yes & yes. While I can't help you with the team building aspect of NWM (as I've never done it myself) the wisdom & experience I share in this course can absolutely support you to build a brand that connects you deeply and magnetically to your soul humans!

What if I'm already an affiliate with another company? +

Come on in friend! As I said above, our doors are open to ALL affiliates. We welcome those of you who are serious about building a REAL business and we welcome any partnerships you may already have. My intention is to support you to do this YOUR way, which includes choosing your most aligned partnerships.  

More student wins



Use coupon: PRESALE at the checkout for 20% off

$997 USD

$547 USD


2 x monthly payments:

Use coupon: PRESALE at the checkout for 20% off

Ready to build a brand with substance, staying power & TRUE wealth potential?

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