What’s our story?

Who are we? What are we here for? 

As a kid, I was a big picture thinker, always with my head in the clouds (or in a book) & often found writing poetry on the great philosophical life questions ‘why am I here, what am I destined for, what does it all mean?’.

Kev on the other hand, has *always* been an entrepreneur. From the day Ebay was born he was online selling something, making bank at ten years old.


Kev & I met as                        21 year olds. 

While we fumbled through our early years together - Kev as an apprentice plumber, me at uni studying to be a naturopath - I truly believe our worlds were always meant to collide.

It’s probably not surprising that we didn’t fit into the ‘mold’ of 9-5 working life. 

Once Kev finished his apprenticeship & I graduated from uni, we bounced around from job to job - trying to find that eternal sense of happiness and contentment we thought we’d find in our careers.

We filled the void with things we couldn’t afford & trips that were a means of escape, the debt mounted, our time was owned by salaries & being ‘on-call’ & we couldn’t find the happiness we were looking for.

...a brand that was connected to affiliate offers,

but not defined by them.

What I didn’t want, was a spammy, cringey, slide into-your-dm’s style ‘business’, that forced me to be in the hard sell game at all hours of the day.

At that time, it seemed like that what was I HAD to do, to have that new life design.

I just couldn’t get my energy behind it, so I stayed stuck.

I could be the one to build a brand around what lit a fire in my belly, my passions & what I wanted to have a voice around.

I could be the one to build a brand that didn’t sacrifice my integrity...

Until one day, I decided that I could be the one to do it differently.

At the ripe old age of 30, we were ‘up sh*t creek without a paddle’ (apologies to our non-native Aussies readers who may not get that one-liner). We were done. Sad, deflated, empty, lost, exhausted and in a f*ck tonne of debt.

To get Kev out of the mining industry, to explore our country & eventually the world & to be able to spend our lives together, instead of worlds apart.

I also just wanted to hang with my dog.

What I wanted at that time, was to slow life down.  

What I didn’t want, was to sacrifice my integrity to create that reality.

We quit our jobs, built out a luxe motorhome, drove off into the sunset and lived happily ever after...                     

And so I did, we did.

Kind of…

We did quit our jobs - at 30 years old little did we know that was the last time either of us would ever work for someone else again.

And we did build out a luxe motorhome, that was alllll Kev. This thing was a beast, complete with a toilet, shower and washing machine.

Simultaneously, we slowly & intentionally created a brand that generated multiple 6 figures through it's affiliate links (mostly to courses, digital products & services) while almost NEVER mentioning the words Affiliate Marketing & while very rarely sharing financial results.

Our journey started at ground zero

no followers, no social media experience, no digital marketing experience.

It took MONTHS for any serious traction to take place, and at 6 months in we were starting to think we’d have to go back to work…

But I was not giving in, and my entrepreneurial buddy was happy to back me.

We threw ourselves in the deep-end and willingly became lifelong students of this new skillset. Kev built the van, I built the business & by the time we hit the road things had started to click into place.

From here, I need to speed things up otherwise you’ll be reading all day.

We had location freedom & time freedom - and we were financially ‘comfortable’. Things were great, we hardly had to work at all! 

Here’s where I tell you something you might not want to hear…

Comfortable is only good for so long. Comfortable becomes ‘empty’ real quick.

It was time to get uncomfortable again.

There’s been haters & cancel culture and also - HUGE milestones (like one of our affiliates hitting her first 6 figure with us in just over ten months).

There’s been emotional breakdowns and also - a suite of courses built that now serves thousands of students.

Where there moments that we thought ‘holy sh*t, why did we think this was a good idea?’ Yes, absolutely. 

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever met says if they had known what was actually involved in building a successful company they probably never would’ve started.

We figured out that this style of travel did NOT suit our relationship dynamic (this is a whole other story, we’ll save that for another day).

Kevin - my entrepreneurial soul-mate suggests that we ‘build our own courses & affiliate program’.

A few coffee dates later, it was decided - 

-we were walking away from our affiliate business & starting an online course company.

The years that have followed since that decision have been the most transformative years of our lives. 

Ok - so at this stage we’re no longer traveling full-time. 

It was important to us - more important than alllll the endless challenges we would face.

Let’s circle back to the ‘getting uncomfortable’ thing.

The creation of this company has now seen us serve THOUSANDS of students & become multi-millionaires. 

And I’d now very humbly consider myself an expert at teaching substance, connection, staying power & branding that fuels TRUE & lasting wealth to affiliates.

I’m the walking embodiment of it. I live and breath this.

So….It’s probably obvious now why I feel that Kev and I were meant to come together ~ the daydreamer & the entrepreneur. 

He grounds me, brings me back down to earth & I force him to think bigger, to keep expanding the vision.



This is our story & we’re honoured & humbled by those who choose to be a part of it.

To teach affiliates how to find their freedom & how to cultivate a beautiful, supportive relationship with money.

building brands with substance, staying power & TRUE wealth potential.

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Our Story