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We help everyday people get clarity on the BEST pathway to their dream digital income & then we teach them how to build their time freedom business so they can live their

Best lives

Our number #1 value is time freedom.

We walked away from our old lives where our time was completely controlled by someone else, and worked our butts off to create a life of total time freedom.

Ages ago one of us read this quote by Warren Buffet ‘if you don’t find a way to earn while you sleep, you’ll work until you die’…

Brutal, but the kick up the butt we needed to create an income that rolls in while we sleep.

Your time can be separated from your income, and our mission is to show you how.

Our two juicy secrets?




And we’ll take you on a journey to align you with the pathway that’s right for YOU.

The way we see it, there are two online business models that will give you the gift of time freedom, fast (without you needing to be an #influencer first). We’ve made multi-six figures using both (while travelling Australia full-time), and now we teach our students how to do the same.

This business allowed us to plug into other people’s products as affiliates, and sell them on autopilot while we were out gallivanting around the country.  

it’s where our time freedom journey began.  

Our first affiliate marketing business gave us our lives back

We’ve since gone on to package our knowledge & skills into online courses, which have served 500+ students so far. This business model also gives us total time freedom & an up-capped income (250k in the first year alone!) that’s SO fulfilling.

One of the biggest things we’ve learned in this space, is which business models work, FEEL GOOD and give you time freedom fast, and which ones don’t.  

We believe that your dream life starts with clarity. Clarity on your values & the vision you have for life, closely followed by the path that’s going to get you there.

Hence, your journey with us starts with The Freedom Formula; our tailored workshop experience designed to align you with the right path for YOU.

Kev was a plumber turned fly in fly out worker in the mining industry & I (Jade) was a naturopath who ended up in sales and marketing. 
We had a dream to change the way we were living for almost as long as we’d been together…We craved adventure, freedom & growth.  
How were we ever going to create this life we were craving, when we were drowning in debt and stuck in careers that squashed our spirits?
We weren’t. So we had to take the leap, and make some big (bloody scary) changes.
We sold everything we owned, & spent a year building our dream home on wheels. During this time we also quit our jobs and built an online affiliate business which 12 months later hit 6 figures.

We started with pretty humble beginnings…

Our Story

We spent 6 months travelling Australia with our pup Bertie, while working a few hours a day (if that) from beautiful destinations around the country. It honestly felt like a dream, we kept having to pinch ourselves! 
We’d mostly structure our days like this: coffee date + walk with Bertie, followed by exploring where we were + driving or travelling to the next spot, followed by an hour or two’s work in the afternoon, and then often waking up the next morning to sales from overnight. Ahhh, sometimes I just cried with happiness haha.
Once we wrapped up that trip, we took a break and went back to #houselife & a flushing toilet (what a joy!). We very soon realised just how much spare time we had & how much freedom. We LOVE building education that teaches everyday people how to build the systems and framework needed for time freedom, so we started to create our own digital education products and walked away from our affiliate business.
After a massively successful launch to lots of amazing students, we bought an off-road caravan & hit the road around Australia again! We spent 3 months freezing our butts off in Tasmania, exploring every inch of that beautiful tiny part of Aus while our business was mostly on autopilot.
Once we’d had enough of 2 minute showers & living on top of each other, we wrapped up that trip and celebrated our first super successful year with our own digital programs.

After the excitement of 250k in 12 months + 150 students wore off a little, we spent some time analysing each of our digital income pathways. We looked at the personality traits, goals and strengths that we have, and our students have, and how they align to each of our top two time freedom business pathways.
We realised that what keeps most people stuck (us included) is decision overwhelm & the ‘not knowing’ that happens when there are lots of options, but no clear guidelines of how to do this online business thing. 
This led us to create a tailored journey that helps those wanting to create time freedom online, align with the right business model, so that they can take the next best step for THEM.
Because your best life, the one where you’re earning lots of money WITHOUT having to be present, starts with clarity. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

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