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While we fumbled through our early years together - Kev as an apprentice plumber, me at uni studying to be a naturopath - I truly believe our worlds were always meant to collide.

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Kev & I met as                              21
year olds. 

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There’s been ‘ick’, grossness & a major cringe factor.

 It’s felt scammy & high pressure.

Because they think that’s the sacrifice they have to make to get the life they really want.

Before we started our first business (which generated its substantial income via affiliate offers), I used to think the same….

That I’d have to sacrifice my integrity to have the life I truly wanted. That I’d have to be apart of the ‘icky, bro culture’.

This thought pattern kept me stuck for so long, I just couldn’t go through with it.

I decided to BE the change. 


I decided I was going to do it my way, or not at all.


The affiliate marketing space has become a bit of a 

there's been a distinct lack of integrity.

People are creating affiliate content they don’t really want to create & perpetuating a culture they don’t truly want to be a part of.



...To the world of Affiliate Marketing, welcome. You’re in exactly the right place to be supported to do this YOUR way & to create a business that’s rooted in integrity & long term staying power.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the hype & hot air…

When there’s a lack of transparency & truth in peoples branding around what this really takes…

When it’s made to seem like everyone is starting at ground zero, when it’s not always an even playing field.

When putting a link out along with a feed full of videos on how much money you’re making is made to be the ‘magic template’ to success.

If you’re brand new...
If you’re not brand new ...

...To the world of Affiliate Marketing & it’s not been feeling good for you, just know that you’ve done the best you can with what you’ve known.

It almost looks too easy right?

If you got swept up in that culture & went along for the ride - it’s no wonder. 

You’re human.

And if you’ve now been made to feel that if it’s not ‘working’ for you, there must be something wrong with you…

There’s NOTHING wrong with you. 

What’s wrong
is the narrative you’ve been told.

It’s not that a ‘course’ isn’t working, or that there’s something wrong with you.

It’s that you’ve been led to believe that something outside of yourself will give you what you want.

YOU are the key.  

YOU are the one that’s going to create this brand, business & life.

The narrative that a course + an affiliate link is the key to the life you truly want to be living.

So if you’re here to ‘get rich quick’ or you’re counting on a course to ‘save you’ 

We stand for the affiliates who want to sign up for a lifetime of building, a lifetime in the school of ‘how f*cking good can this life get’.

Affiliates who want a real brand that’s attached to affiliate offers, but not defined by them.

Affiliates who want a real business & REAL wealth potential.

 we are NOT for you.

We stand for the new wave of affiliates & we stand for you becoming the key that unlocks your most ‘f*ck yes’ existence.


“I haven't been true to myself & how I want to show up online.  So I knew that I had to be in this new container.  Now I see it as a non-negotiable for all affiliates (especially affiliates who've been at it for a while).  THIS is what's missing in this space.  The Anti Affiliate Model is going to reignite the spark for those who lost it to big claims and unrealistic expectations. 

emmy, australia

the 'ick' had me frozen...

“I saw this ramp up of affiliate content that didn't sit right with me...I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, so I froze.  I ended up looking elsewhere to diversify my income.  The Anti Affiliate Model feels SO amazing, aligned and authentic.  I have my direction back.  "

Lisa, australia

there's nothing else like this!

“Not only have you shaped my life and business goals, you've changed how I choose to live my life.  The techniques and mindset I've learned through your containers literally bleed into everyday life and allow me to show up for my business & family in the most authentic way possible."

katie, usa

building brands with substance, staying power & TRUE wealth potential.

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