If you’re brand new to this world, and you don’t yet understand what affiliate marketing is ~ allow me to make it really easy for you to grasp ;)

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s Break It Down...

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Affiliate marketing is using an affiliate link to sell someone else’s product online. If a customer clicks on your affiliate link and decides to make a purchase, a commission from that sale will be tracked to you as the referrer.
It’s this simple - if you like a product, and the company that owns that product offers an affiliate program, you can recommend that product to others & make money.

A huge percentage of digital companies nowadays offer affiliate programs, it’s an incredibly smart way to grow revenue and provides an amazing opportunity for everyday humans to earn online.

Affiliate marketing is NOT ‘multi-level-marketing’ or ‘network marketing’ or an ‘MLM’. MLM is a team building model where the focus is recruitment and building down-lines etc. 

Affiliate marketing is a product-centric model where the focus is marketing and selling a product, and earning a flat commission per product sold.

Having said all of this, there’s a few things to know about the various affiliate programs out there. I’ll give you a couple of hot tips now (we cover this in more depth inside our Freedom Affiliate Launch course): 

Some affiliate programs are free to join, some are not.

Some affiliate programs have strict ‘vetting’ processes in place, some don’t.

Some affiliate programs offer products you can sell 24/7, others have products that are only on sale a few times a year (for example, some big online course owners only offer enrolment a few times per year, meaning affiliates can only sell their products during these open enrolment periods).

Some affiliate programs such as Clickbank are actually an affiliate network, which means you can access many affiliate programs in one place.

Some affiliate programs provide support and guidance to their affiliates, most do not.

Most affiliate programs pay into your PayPal account (which can cut out a significant chunk of your commissions in fees), we pay straight into your chosen bank account using the best FX rate.

We offer a 'lifetime referrals' feature - which means once you have a customer, they are tracked to you for life! If they choose to purchase something else with us at any point in the future, you'll automatically receive the commission. Many affiliate programs don't offer this feature.

Many affiliate programs simply offer you a link, and that's literally it. Minimal if any support & minimal if any tracking and analytical features. Then there are programs like ours that offer extensive tracking and marketing tools, extra training and guidance on the product suite & ample extra support.









Affiliate marketing is a clean, simple & clear business model that’s used widely online by almost all influencers, bloggers, Youtubers etc. 

Most people who’re earning money online these days are using affiliate marketing - don’t be that person left behind because you think there’s something ‘taboo’ or ‘shady’ about it.


With our background in the affiliate marketing space, we knew that our company wouldn’t be complete without its own partner program. Let’s go through some ‘need to knows’ on the FPP:

         Freedom Partner


What we’d suggest, is that you start with our free masterclass for a full breakdown on how it all shakes out.

It’s a paid space

(It’s not free to join & it’s not included in the cost of our courses). 

 Don’t hit us up on socials asking for an affiliate link when you haven't even tried our products. Great affiliate marketers share products they love & use themselves!

We don’t have a ‘vetting’ process, anyone who’s purchased at least our Launch training can join (however, we do have quality control measures in place).

You must be a Launch student to get access to our partner program

Our products (online courses) are available to sell 24/7.

We offer comprehensive support, extra training, LOTS of cool features for members & a recurring monthly income stream.

As a company we pay out tens of thousands of dollars to those who’ve partnered with us as affiliates every single month. The highest amount we’ve paid out to one affiliate for one month’s commissions (at time of writing) is $22,000 AUD (yes - this was to one affiliate and it was after her third month of partnering with us).

This is a space we’re truly proud to offer and it’s what makes us so unique as an Australia online course company. We’re the whole package!

We don’t have a ‘vetting’ process, anyone who’s purchased at least our Launch training can join (however, we do have quality control measures in place).

Why Affiliate Programs Are Such A Gift

That my friends, is gosh darn amazing.

As someone who’s been both an affiliate & who offers an affiliate program ~ I have to tell you this: affiliate programs are a gift. 

When we were full-time affiliates, we didn’t fully appreciate or comprehend what goes into offering a *good* affiliate program. 

Affiliate Programs

You, as the affiliate - get to sign up and have instant access to a potential income stream (and a lucrative one at that!). I need you to know what a gift that is - not only do we continually create & maintain an incredible product suite, we also offer it up as an income stream for you. 

The tech, manpower and resources that go into running this space is astronomical, it’s all consuming for us. 

It’s one thing to have an affiliate link, it’s a whole other ball game to know what to do with it. The key to ‘affiliate marketing’ actually has very little to do with the ‘affiliate’ part of the equation, and everything to do with the ‘marketing’.

Marketing is a skillset that will free you. It’s essentially learning how to connect people to products or services that will benefit their lives, and communicate online in a way that deeply resonates with & impacts the right audience.

Marketing is a service and a gift to the world. It’s showing up, standing for something, giving a sh*t. In this digital age, there’s a lot that goes into getting your voice out there (tech, software, automation etc), but in and of itself the art of marketing is really quite simple.

Anyone can get access to an affiliate link - but knowing how to put that link in front of the right eyeballs, and how to communicate that this product is what that person may need - takes skill.  

That’s where we come in! We teach marketing, and we teach it very well ;)

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The Freedom Partner Program

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